Our company & culture

Orbit wires and cables are betrothed in the trade of engineering and selling wires and cables since 1996. Orbit group of companies have efficaciously accomplished 22 years of journey in manufacturing wires and cables.  We fabricate and sell range of wires and cables and our key product in the wires and cables fragment are power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, flexible cables, flexible single multi core cables, communication cables, and others including welding cables, submersible flat and round cables, rubber cables, etc. other than wires and cables we also deal with other merchandises such as CCTV camera, PVC pipes, switches.



We aim to enlarge our market share by targeting to cater our prerequisite clients by a diverse range of products and gratify their extreme needs. We strive for amplification of our customer base and utilize our research and development competences to develop new and innovative products for these sectors.

We aim to continue enriching our brand awareness and client loyalty through different promotional and marketing efforts. We will pursue to increase our visibility and brand recognition through increased advertising, social media and television campaigning with our authorized distributors, authorized dealers, and end customers.

Orbit’s philosophy is to be an innocuous as well as viable company. Safety is the company’s uppermost precedence. Our welfare enactment has amended reliably over the past few years and we will continue to target our ultimate goal of zero accidents.  The company’s leadership locus is a consequence of a consistent management approach, which focuses on artifact innovation, product diversity, geographical reach and as well as product amalgamation. We are devoted of providing value added and customized solutions to meet specific customers requirement.

Core Purpose

“To build long term relationship with the people and organization’s residing in the farthest corner by providing effective resources”

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

To become a Listed Company on NSE & BSE Bourses by 2025″

Our Promoters

R.K Agarwal with an idealistic of distinctiveness as the founder of Orbit cables entrenched his business in the year 1996 and started manufacturing Wires and cables. In Keeping with his tradition of innovation and lots of hard work and enthusiasm he has accomplished an uninterrupted growth in the kingdom of industrializing cables. Innovation and leadership; keeping these two terms in his mind he started engineering such products that Orbit is the fastest growing company in the segment. Keeping the prerequisite of the contemporary customers R.K Agarwal pioneered the utmost essential industry and christened as Orbit.

Mr. Amit Agarwal a great visionary, who envisaged the tremendous potential that lay ahead in the electrical trade. He is one of the key person for building & guiding “ORBIT” to reach at its Powerful Stage & Place. He handles the Sales Team all over India for all the products manufactured by the company for about 30 years.

Ms.Neelam Agarwal is engaged in handling all financial activities of the Group. With “Precision” and “Fair trade practices” being her key words right from the inception of the Brand; she has infused strength into the company through his successful management policies contemporary concepts.

Mr.Govind Agarwal is engaged in Business Development, response is to assist their companies acquire new customers and sell additional products or services to existing ones; this means the role is a crucial one for any business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify its clientele, excellent communication and IT skills, the ability to get on with people at all levels and influence them, strong problem-solving and creative skills an ability to stay calm under pressure and keep to deadlines, strong sales and negotiation techniques, teamworking and leadership skills.

Quality Management & Mission

ORBIT Cables to be amongst the Top 5 progressive companies in our sector ensuring that we will remain as Qualitative Outperformers year on year.

The leaders and senior management team along with all the employees across the country working at ORBIT Cables shall thrive to build a Pan India Brand having its presencein every state of India as the Qualitative Brand.

ORBIT Cables shall be known for continually upgrading their systems, services and processes by constant innovation and best use of technology thus having a competitive edge.

ORBIT Cables fund small-scale industries and support all those who want to start their own venture as a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

The entire ORBIT Cables family will maintain down-to-earth attitude even after reaching a Topline of 1000Cr.

ORBIT Cables Promoters would elevate itself from a family run business to a professionally run organization & will be recognized as the best managed manufacturing unit for qualitative products.

ORBIT Cables will encourage, support, empower and enable atleast 10 budding entrepreneurs by devoting atleast 1% of our annual turnover towards their training and upgradation.

There will be boundary less, healthy, constructive communication between employees across all locations at ORBIT Cables.

Safety Mission

ORBIT Cables will have its own holiday home for its employees in India where they can stay and enjoy with their families.

ORBIT Cables will continue to believe in always upgrading the skills & knowledge of all its employees irrespective of their designation, enablingthem to be star performers. We’llprovide on job learning for our employees for their career advancement.

ORBIT Cables will constantly upgrade its Unit & Machineries to ensure that all the team members are provided with the Best Technical Know-How enabling their 100% safety at work.

All the employees of ORBIT Cables shall be included in the Intrinsic Growth of the Company.

All the employees will enjoy coming to work, since they’ll be working with complete entrepreneurial spirit & continually experience the joys of entrepreneurship through independent decision making & 100% Safety Standards at ORBIT Cables .

We shall maintain routine normal shifts & strict overtime shift policies for our employees at ORBIT Cables so that they are not burned out of their capacity & ability.

By doing all the above, ORBIT Wires & Cables will emerge as a culturally strong company with all it’s employees working as entrepreneurs thus becoming a Role Model Group.